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I wanted to be an astronaut. 

" No one knows me or loves me completely. I have only myself. "

- Simone de Beauvoir  (via shigaretto)

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You’ve got a warm heart, but it’s disintegrated from all the medicine.

I feel like I have to wait until next year to announce my moving date to people on facebook. I’ve already started burning bridges, which you technically shouldn’t do because you “never know” but fuck you guys. I’m so EXCITED to be MOVING bitches. I am no longer stuck in this black hole. And from Charlotte who knows where I go. With my major I can live so many lovely places doing so many wonderful things. Nathan’s shaped up a lot and I think I’ll have him by my side, and I’m just pumped. Life is really pumping me up. 


the language of eyes 

Kalysse Anthony, 20 , LA
Photographer: Demar Watson of Urban Snap Photography